How to Boost Mental Well-Being in Young Persons With Disabilities

Life coaching focuses on mental well-being. We assist people in discovering their mojo (character strengths), their purpose, their passions. They become more confident in taking decisions and aspiring to better themselves.

Disability empowerment coaching acknowledges our hurt by helping us to understand how disability has impacted our mental health. It then focuses on (re) discovering our character strengths. It changes our expectations and aspirations for our lives. It supports us to build new habits and a plan to move forward into a happier and more confident space.
We help empower people to live joyful lives that have balance.

Coaching is therefore in essence a mental well-being programme that focuses on personal growth and self-love development.


Sawubona – We see You

“Words reflect as well as influence the way people think.” Lidia Pretorius, White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2016) Tweet Persons with disabilities often call on society

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Your #DisabilityMojo Empowerment Coach

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Free Discovery Session

My private (individual) and group coaching programmes support persons with disabilities to use the gifts their disabilities give them to remove roadblocks and free them to live a purposeful and joyful life.

The programmes are specifically developed for persons with disabilities who know they deserve a life of fulfilment and purpose, aspire for more, and help them (re)discover their strengths, passions and aspirations to chart their paths to a joyful and purposeful life by facing and embracing both their disability demons and gifts.

If you want to gift yourself the opportunity to discover your #DisabilityMojo and continue your life journey with a positive and joyful outlook, book a 45 min, free no-obligation #DisabilityMojo Discovery Session here to see whether coaching is the tool you need.



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