Coaching persons with disabilities

I support persons with disabilities re-discover their #DisabilityMojo, using their disability gifts to remove  roadblocks and free them to live a purposeful and joyful life.

  • Embracing their strengths to expand possibilities
  • Redefining their life purpose to live life beyond the impossible
  • Creating a roadmap and new habits to live the life they really want

I am passionate about making a visible and impactful contribution to changing the lives of people with disabilities and their families by using the insights and expertise I have developed over 30 years of working with and for persons with disabilities.

Disability is often associated with feelings of anguish, loss of confidence and autonomy, self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy.



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The key to living a joyful life is within yourself; it is about believing in yourself, aspiring for a meaningful life, being mindful, knowing your awesomeness. This equally, if not more, applies to persons with disabilities, regardless of the challenges society throws at them. The power to change your life and your lived experiences lie within, and embracing disability, rather than fixing it, is often the catalyst for change.

I work with ambitious persons with disabilities who know they deserve a life of fulfilment and purpose.

They aspire for more, BUT

  • They feel their disability is holding them back
  • They are overwhelmed by adapting to life after having acquired disability
  • They find themselves lost in taking the next step to living a fulfilling life with confidence
  • They are at a turning point of having to make decisions about their careers, relationships or living arrangements, and not sure how to negotiate the decision
  • They are scared that they might quietly have begun to believe society’s negativity about disability
  • They suspect that a significant barrier to a successful life is their internal struggles, thought patterns and habits

Why Coaching?

Maybe it is easier to say what coaching is not. Disability support services such as counselling and therapy tend to focus on fixing or healing persons with disabilities, zooming in on events in the past that create a personal crisis, and often focusing on inability and deficit.

Coaching, in contrast, focuses on the future, harnessing the strengths and abilities of persons with disabilities to thrive in a disabling world. Coaching provides a safe environment for learning, self-awareness and self-improvement.

A coach helps and empowers you to meet and exceed your personal and professional goals, whether these are to explore who you are, what you aspire for, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, or excelling in the workplace.

My clients unleash their potential, thrive and find their purpose in life without their disability holding them back by re-discovering and focusing on their strengths, abilities, passions and aspirations.


Three Powerful Steps to Living a Life with a Disability With Purpose and Joy

Embrace your strengths

Embrace your strengths to overcome your roadblocks and explore possibilities

Redefine your life purpose

Redefine your life purpose to extend your life beyond the "impossible"

Live your life joyfully

Create a roadmap and new habits so you can live the life you really want

Individual #Disability MojoCoaching Programme

Customized according to your needs and budget
  • 12 x 60 minute private coaching calls
  • 24/7 WhatsApp support
  • 24/7 Email support
  • Videos, handouts & activity sheets
  • Series of practical tasks in-between calls
  • Virtually using the video conferencing App of your choice

Group #Disability MojoCoaching Programme

6 - 8 people per group for 2 months
  • 8 x 60 minute private coaching calls
  • 1 x 1:1 private coaching call
  • Interactive Facebook Group for members only, 24/7 support
  • Videos, handouts & activity sheets
  • Series of practical tasks in-between calls
  • Virtually using Zoom or Google Meet

What Coaching Clients say


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