To change the narrative for persons with disabilities, we need to focus on both the individual with a disability and environmental factors that disable and marginalise them.


You only see the roadblocks and the obstacles

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You only see the roadblocks and obstacles

Your days are long, with very little joy filling them. You are angry at an unfair world. You can no longer motivate yourself. You no longer laugh. You are exhausted. You feel overwhelmed. All you seem to see are problems and challenges, with little or no solutions. Nobody seems to be listening to you when you express yourself. You feel powerless. You know you can be and do better. You know you deserve better. And you are ready to take responsibility. You are ready to take action and invest in your happiness.
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You cannot find your way to living a life of purpose and joy

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You cannot find your way to living a life of purpose and joy

You want to change your life trajectory. You want to discover how other people with disabilities seem so happy and live such purposeful lives. You want to rediscover your Mojo, your abilities, your strengths. You want to dream bigger and better for your life. You want to reimagine a life in which you thrive. You can see yourself living your dream. But you do not know where to start to make it happen. You are not sure you can do this on your own. You need guidance and support to begin your journey to a life of purpose and joy.
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The world is your oyster. You know what you want and how to get it

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The world is your oyster. You know what you want and how to get it.

You have decided on your life purpose and the lifestyle you desire. You are ready to make it happen by harnessing your new mindset, developing a clear action plan backed up by healthy habits and building your resilience to prevent you from falling back when hard times hit.
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Hi, I am Lidia, your #DisabilityMojo Empowerment Coach

You know you deserve a life of joy and possibility!
The power to achieve this is in your hands.
And you do not have to do it alone.

I support persons with disabilities to discover their Disability Mojo (character strengths), passions and aspirations for a purposeful and joyful life.

I help you identify the gifts your disability gives you, remove roadblocks and learn new habits to enable you to thrive and find your purpose in life without your disability holding you back.


Private & Group Coaching

Focus on equipping persons with disabilities with the insights and tools to live more confident, purposeful and joyful lives

Training, Mentorship & Capacity Building

Embrace strengths, overcome roadblocks and explore possibilities

Disability Inclusion Support

Leave No-One Behind

Inclusive Community Development Programme Development & Facilitation



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